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Wonderduck has been making Wing Motion, Water Motion decoys since 1994. Mr. Wonderduck was the first to Invent, Patent and Produce a Wing Motion, Water Motion, battery powered Rotating Wing and Rotating Wing (with attached paddles) Motion Decoy. However Mr. Wonderduck has not used a pole mounted rotating wing decoy for over Five years. Mr. Wonderduck believes that pole mounted rotating wing decoys are OLD TECHNOLOGY! The purpose of decoys is to get a duck's attention. The purpose of a Motion Decoy is to get a duck's ATTENTION AT DISTANCE, but not to scare it close in !! Rotating wings will get a duck's attention at distance; however under certain hunting conditions, rotating wings can and will flare ducks close in! This is why Mr. Wonderduck's suggest his Weedless & Adjustable Paddling Feet they are 1" wide & 3" long, with two on each side of decoy. They are somewhat like having small rotating wings; however they are hitting the water, covered up in water and will not flare ducks close in!! They also come in a variety of color!

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