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Pro Staff

Wonderduck created a Prostaff/Guide program to help put world known water motion decoys in the water that work!

If you have interest in being part of our Prostaff/Guide program click on the document below.
Print sign and e-mail to sales@wonderduck.com

Walter Solomon

Owner / Inventory
Wonderduck Decoys

As the founder and owner of Wonderduck Decoys, Walter Solomon has spent many years producing and perfecting the ideal motion decoys for duck hunters all around. Since the company began production in 1994, Mr. Solomon has overseen and improved the entire process from assembly and repair to packaging and shipping, all the while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Cullen Hamblen


Kris & Nikki Tate

Husband and Wife hunt team Kris and Nikki are from Dallas,Texas, they have been hunting together since the day they met. They both are avid waterfowlers who enjoy the outdoors every chance they can get. Kris is from Carthage Texas and grew up hunting waterfowl and deer in the thick east Texas woods when he was a kid. while Nikki grew up in Elkhorn Nebraska and started hunting a little later in life when she was eighteen. They mostly hunt sloughs and open water,Wonder duck decoys were the first and last motion Decoy they have purchased.While they also enjoy hunting whitetail,hogs,and other game they primarily hunt waterfowl and rarely miss a weekend during season. Check them out on: nikkitateoutdoors on instagram and face book

Auggie Trevino 
Collin County Waterfowlers  Association Chairman

Auggie, is an avid outdoorsman that loves to waterfowl hunt . He is the Chairman of Waterfowlers Association of Collin County in Texas.
He states : he has used Wonderduck Decoys for 3+ years now and will never turn back.He also says Wonderduck is by far the best decoying system out there.
As a Marine Corps Veteran it is important for him to find a company that has the same values as he does "Semper-Fi"

Cullen Lee

Dillan Newkirk     

Dillan is married  Emily and says she is beautiful.  Dillan has hunted since  he was 8 years old. he was born in and raised in Arkansas where his family  has hunting land in the Delta. He has been an avid waterfowl hunter since he was big enough to hold a shot gun .Dillan hunts mainly timber and rice fields Dillan has a guide service 20 minutes NE of Stuttgart,AR. Wonderduck decoys was the 1st surface motion Decoy that he purchased and says it will be the last. One of Dillian's buddies comes up from Georgia many weekends through Duck season and they hunt public and private land . Check out Dillan guide service  at dnewkirk@tnrguideservice.com  and his intagram dillannewkirk_8 


Scott Keith

Quack Shack

Tye Philips

Bloody Beaks Outfitters

Dr. Jason Smothers

Graveyard Guide Service