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Mr. Wonderduck's Hunting Secrets to Duck Hunting

     Wonderduck has been making Wing Motion, Water Motion decoys since 1994.  Mr. Wonderduck was the first to Invent, Patent and Produce a Wing Motion, Water Motion, battery powered Rotating Wing and Rotating Wing (with attached paddles) Motion Decoy.  However Mr. Wonderduck has not used a pole mounted rotating wing decoy for over Five years.  Mr. Wonderduck believes that pole mounted rotating wing decoys are OLD TECHNOLOGY!  The purpose of decoys is to get a duck's attention.  The purpose of a Motion Decoy is to get a duck's ATTENTION AT DISTANCE, but not to scare  it close in !!  Rotating wings will get a duck's attention at distance; however under certain hunting conditions, rotating wings can and will flare ducks close in!  This is why Mr. Wonderduck's suggest his Weedless & Adjustable Paddling Feet they are 1" wide & 3" long, with two on each side of decoy.  They are somewhat like having small rotating wings; however they are hitting the water, covered up in water and will not flare ducks close in!!  They also come in a variety of color!   
     Mr. Wonderduck first invented the concept of Color to solve a problem.  Most first time Wonderduck customers purchase several Wonderducks with orange paddling feet.  Mallards do have the Orange Feet and Orange is natural to a duck and Orange is a very visible color;  Mr. Wonderduck doesn't want Wonderduck Customers hunting with Five or Six Wonderduck Customized Decoys all with orange feet!  Mr. Wonderduck believes that hunting with Five, Six or Nine Wonderducks all with Orange Feet Could Be To Much orange!   That is why Wonderduck's Weedless & Adjustable Paddling Feet comes in a variety of colors!

Hunters are constantly asking Mr. Wonderduck what decoy and color feet work best?  My answer is this.
     All Wonderduck Customized Decoys give you Water Motion, Body Motion and Sight Motion from its paddling feet all at the same time.

(1)  BODY MOTION:  is probably the most important motion of all motions. The way a duck tells the difference between a duck and decoy are by body motion!  If it moves ITS' A DUCK!  If it doesn't move ITS' A DECOY!  Ducks can tell the difference between a duck and a decoy, they do it by body motion!  Ducks chase one another and they fight with one another!  Exaggerated Body Motion is normal to a duck.  That is why Mr. Wonderduck prefers: Wonderduck Twister, Tornado or Cyclone Duck Butt with Opposite Rotating Motors that turn in a TIGHT CIRCLE, giving Wonderducks Extra Body Motion.

(2) WATER MOTION: on calm days, is probably as important or more important than Body Motion.  However on windy days Water Motion is hard, if not impossible, to see and Water Motion is not visible at distance.  

(3) SIGHT MOTION IN COLOR!  Sight Motion from Wonderduck's Weedless & Adjustable Paddling Feet come in a variety of COLORS!  Mallards have the ORANGE FEET and Orange is natural to a duck and the most visible of all colors.  Mallards have a PURPLE patch on their wings.  Purple was Mr. Wonderduck's favorite color, however Purple is a dark color.  It's hard to see at distance.  Purple is almost like using Black paddling feet.  Blue Wing Teal are now the second most populous duck in America and Blue is far more visible than Purple.  Green Wing Teal (Green) & Cinnamon Teal (brown) are excellent colors for Wonderduck's Paddling Feet.  Blue Bill  (black).  Black is the least visible of all colors, however Black on certain days could be the best color for Wonderduck's Paddling Feet.
   Black & White feet simulate a duck's flapping wing and Black & White is highly visible; however ducks have seen, over the years, a lot of Black & White from pole mounted rotating decoys.  If you choose to use Black & White paddling feet - BE CAREFUL!!  Mr. Wonderduck says, "Black & White paddling feet will get a duck's attention at distance, however they can and will flare ducks close in.  That is why hunters use a remote to turn their Black/White rotating wings off.  CLEAR FEET are excellent for use when ducks are spooky, decoy shy or late in the season.  Clear Paddling Feet will give you Water Motion and Body Motion, however, other than the splashing of water, very little Sight Motion.  MIRROR FEET:  Wonderduck's New Water Imaging Mirror Paddling Feet, when used in actual hunting conditions, are practically INVISIBLE!!!  A mirror images whatever is in the Mirror.
Wonderduck's Mirror Feet do the same thing.  They image the water and are virtually invisible.  They will increase the Sight Motion of Wonderduck's Paddling Feet Two to Three times and make Wonderduck visible up to 500 yards.  Wonderduck's Mirror Paddling Feet could be Mr. Wonderduck's GREATEST INVENTION!!!    RAINBOW SHIMMER FEET:  Wonderduck's New Rainbow Shimmer Paddling Feet breaks sun light up into a rainbow of colors.  On any given day what color of paddling feet works best.  Mr. Wonderduck hunts with Seven to Nine Wonderduck Customized Decoys - ALL WITH DIFFERENT COLORS OF PADDLING FEET .  What works best on any given day???  I do not know, so I use different COLORS of paddling feet on all my Wonderduck Customized Decoy.  Rainbow Shimmer gives you every color in the Rainbow.  SPARKLING KALEIDOSCOPE:  Mr. Wonderduck thought that Mirrors was the best color for Wonderduck's Paddling Feet, however I now believe Sparkling Kaleidoscope IS THE BEST COLOR!  Sparkling Kaleidoscope breaks the suns rays into different facets, making Wonderduck's Splashing Water SPARKLE.  Wonderduck's Kaleidoscope Feet also makes Wonderduck visible up to 500 yards - but will not flare ducks close in.  Because Wonderduck's Kaleidoscope Feet break bright sun light up into different directions, when used in actual hunting conditions, they are virtually INVISIBLE!  You must try Wonderduck's New Kaleidoscope Paddling Feet -- THEY ARE MR. WONDERDUCK'S GREATEST INVENTION!!!
Motor Speed:
Wonderduck comes with & 500rpm & motors.  What Motor Speed Wonderduck should run at is always in the Eye of the Beholder!  If your are looking for a Steady Swimming Motion you want Wonderduck Paddle Wheel (with 500rmp motors).  If you are looking for Tremendous Water Motion & Tremendous Body Motion you want SUPER Wonderduck Paddle Wheel (with 500rpm motors).  If you want Maximum Water Motion & Maximum Body Motion you want Wonderduck Twister (with 500rpm OPPOSITE ROTATING MOTORS).  Wonderduck Tornado & Wonderduck's Feeder Decoys have 500 RMP motors.  All Wonderducks do about the same thing, however they do it in a different way.  Wonderduck Paddle Wheel swims in a Steady swimming motion.  Super Wonderduck Paddle Wheel gives you Tremendous Water Motion.  Super Twister with (opposite rotating 500rpm ) Motors gives you Maximum Motion.  Super Wonderduck Tornado & Super Wonderduck Feeder, both have the One 500RMP Motor, swim in a Tight Circle, and both give you Maximum Water & Body Motion. Wonderduck Combo, with built in Pole Mount, can be used on Pole or Water and comes with X-r Motors.  Wonderduck Combo is a Excellent Decoy for hunting on water or in the field; however it works best on water - giving you Water Motion, Decoy Motion and Sight Motion all at the same time.  (It can be used with any size or length pole - pole not included.
Motor Direction:
Wonderduck comes with Standard or High Speed FORWARD or OPPOSITE ROTATING MOTORS.
FORWARD Rotating Motors will make Wonderduck swim in a STRAIGHT LINE or LARGE CIRCLE.  Wonderduck's     
OPPOSITE Rotating Motors will make Wonderduck swim in a TIGHT CIRCLE.  Wonderduck swimming in a Tight Circle has the Three Advantages:  (1.) With One motor PUSHING & One Motor PULLING - it creates less stress on Wonderduck's High Speed X-r Motors. (2.) Swimming in a Tight Circle - you can put your other Wonderduck Decoys or other stationary decoys closer together.  (3.) Swimming in a Tight Circle - Wonderduck creates more BODY MOTION than swimming in a     
straight line or large circle.  The purpose of a Motion Decoy is to create MOTION.  Wonderduck swimming in a Tight Circle creates MORE MOTION.  Ducks chase one another, they fight with one another.  Wonderduck swimming in a Tight Circle, creating MAXIMUM BODY MOTION is NATURAL to a duck.  Remember -- ducks think like ducks & people thing like people.
Ducks see the world completely different from humans.  Duck Hunters see decoys with binocular vision from a stationary duck blind.  Ducks see the world flying through the air, in formation with other duck, with bipolar vision.  Ducks see the world somewhat the same way you see the world driving your car.  You might see something, in a pasture, 300 yards away, but you are not going to stare at it but for the few seconds before looking back to the road.  Ducks see the world some what the same way.  They see something for the few seconds and then look at something else.  You have to SEE MOTION to DECOY TO MOTION!  That is why Wonderduck Twister, Wonderduck Feeder, Wonderduck Tornado and Wonderduck Cyclone (WITH OPPOSITE ROTATING MOTORS) are Mr. Wonderduck's Favorites.