Warranty and Repair Information

All Wonderduck products are engineered, built, and tested to work "First Time Every Time." However, in the event you encounter product difficulty or require assistance, please call us at the toll-free number showed below. This will ensure you a prompt solution to your problem.

Call us at 1-800-876-1697

Your Wonderduck Customized Decoy comes with a LIMITED WARRANTY &  REPAIR GUARANTEE. Wonderduck warranties and guarantees extend and cover the mechanical and electrical components of said decoys: (MOTOR, SWITCH & BATTERY HOLDER ONLY):  It does not cover the decoy body, decoy head, decoy attachments (wings, feet or paddles), flotation insert or accessories (Pole Mount or Timers) of said decoys.

30 Refund/Exchange WARRANTY: If a mechanical or electrical component of your Wonderduck Customized Decoy is defective in any way, you may return it to Seller, IN ITS UNUSED CONDITION, within 30 days of purchase for a decoy exchange or refund. Your  Warranty does not cover a decoy returned in used condition.


You must return your decoy to Wonderduck. Before returning your decoy, you may call Wonderduck to determine the current cost of repairs and our current shipping and handling fee.

                                     505 NORTH PRICE
                                     MARSHALL, TX 75670
E-mail address:       sales@wonderduck.com
Phone #:                    1-800-876-1697

REPAIR GUARANTEE: Wonderduck Customized Decoys offers this guarantee as a part of the unique features of our decoys. Your Repair Guarantee (after being used) covers a Decoy not covered under the Limited  Warranty. If a mechanical or electrical component of your Wonderduck Decoy ceases to function properly because of age, extended use, poor maintenance, or EVEN IF YOU SHOOT IT, you may return the decoy to Wonderduck.
 Include a Note describing the problem(s)
 INCLUDE your printed name, daytime telephone number, and return address.
Wonderduck will contact you on receipt of said returned decoy and advise you of the cost of repairs and shipping fees.
Each year Wonderduck will publish the maximum repair charge and shipping fee for that current year. This charge will apply to all Wonderducks purchased in the current year or any previous year.
The maximum repair charge for 2017 is $35.00, and covers mechanical or electrical components only of your Wonderduck Customized Decoy.
The maximum shipping fee for 2017 is $10.95 per decoy. An additional charge will be assessed, if the body, head or floatation insert is damaged or in need of replacement.



If you wish to repair your decoy under your Limited Warranty or Repair Guarantee - YOU HAVE  (6) REPAIR OPTIONS:

OPTION # 1. - You send your decoy to Wonderduck for repair under your 90 day  Limited Warranty or Repair Guarantee.
OPTION # 2. - You send in your decoy's old motor, battery holder or switch, WITH a CHECK for $10.00 for each replacement motor, $5.00 for each replacement battery holder and $5.00 for each replacement switch and $8.95 S&H. 
OPTION # 3. - You SEND CHECK (WITHOUT sending in motors, switch or battery holder)  for $25.00 for each Replacement Motor, $5.00 for switch or $5.00 for battery holder plus S&H $ 8.95 
Option # 4.- All Wonderducks come with a Warranty & Repair Guarantee.  After receiving your decoy, Wonderduck will determine, from the condition of your decoy & motors, if your decoy will be covered under your 90 Warranty or under your Repair Guarantee.  If repaired under 90 day Warranty, it will be repaired for FREE and mailed back to you at Wonderduck's Cost or Your Cost - Wonderduck's Option.  If you pay for shipping, Wonderduck will either call you for your credit card .  If your decoy is repaired under your Repair Guarantee -- YOUR COST will be $10.00 to replace each Motor, $5.00 for Switch & $5.00 for Battery Holder with MAXIMUM REPAIR FEE OF $35.00.  Flotation Insert & extra wings, foot, paddle attachments, pole mount and Timer are NOT COVERED under your Repair Guarantee.   A new Flotation Insert is $8.00 & new Decoy Attachments are EXTRA!
Option #5. Wonderduck will send you a Replacement Motor, at its cost of ($10.00) if you SEND US YOUR OLD MOTOR plus $8.95 for S&H.  To repair your decoy you must remove your non functioning Motor; however it takes time & mailing expense to mail Old Motors.  To purchase a replacement motor at Wonderduck's Cost -- Wonderduck requires that you send in your Old Motor.  If Wonderduck Customers could purchase Wonderduck Motors at COST, they could make their own decoys.  If you wish to make your own decoy, Wonderduck will be happy to sell you, motors for $25.00 each.
Option # 6. - You can purchase REPLACEMENT MOTORS from Wonderduck for $25.00 each plus $8.95 S&H, Without sending motors in  This Option will avoid the time & expense of having to send in your old motors.

                                     505 NORTH PRICE
                                     MARSHALL, TX 75670
E-mall address:       sales@wonderduck.com
Phone #:                    1-800-876-1697