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Hunting Secrets with MR. WONDERDUCK (Walter Solomon)


Mr. Wonderduck invented, patented and manufactured (Original Wonderduck) in 1994; the FIRST  Battery Powered Motion Decoy with Flapping Wings & Paddling Feet.
  Mr. Wonderduck was the first to invent (Wonderduck Paddle Wheel) with Rotating Paddles.  Mr. Wonderduck invented ROTATING WINGS!  Mr. Wonderduck invented Rotating Wings (with attached paddles).  Mr Wonderduck invented the first motion decoy that could be used on Pole or Water!  Mr. Wonderduck was the first to invent WEEDLESS PADDLING FEET that come in a variety of colors. 

Wonderduck Decoys now makes 13 Different Types of Motion Decoys:
  • Wonderduck Original with (Flapping Wings & Paddling Feet):
  • Wonderduck Paddle Wheel with (Variety of wing, foot & paddle attachments - with or without Timer)
  • Wonderduck Natural Paddle Wheel with (Rear Mounted Motors):
  • Wonderduck Combo with (Built in Pole Mount - for use on Pole or Water):
  • Wonderduck Pole Decoy with (Rotating or Flapping Wings):
  • Wonderduck Twister with (Opposite Rotating Motors):
  • Wonderduck Tornado with (Side Mounted Motor):
  • Wonderduck Feeder with (Front Mounted Motor):
  • Wonderduck Skimmer with (Forward or Rear Mounted Motors):
  • Wonderduck Diver with (Forward or Rear Mounted Motors):
  • Wonderduck Cyclone Duck Butt with (Opposite Rotating Motors):
  • Wonderduck Scooter Duck Butt with (Forward Rotating Motors):
  • Wonderduck Carousel with (Circular Flotation Insert):
Mr. Wonderduck invented Rotating Wings; however Mr. Wonderduck believes that rotating wing are OLD TECHNOLOGY!  The purpose of a decoy is to get a duck's attention.  The purpose of a Motion Decoy is to get a duck's ATTENTION AT DISTANCE.  Rotating wings will get a duck's attention at distance; however under certain hunting conditions, rotating wings can and will Flare Ducks Close In!  This is why Mr. Wonderduck's suggest his Weedless & Adjustable Paddling Feet. 

Wonderduck's Weedless Paddling feet come in 11 different colors:   

    Why do Mallards have a large BLUE patch on their wings, ORANGE feet and GREEN head?  The reason is - Ducks Love Color!  Wonderduck's Weedless Paddling  are 1" wide & 3" long, with two on each side of decoy and are somewhat like having small rotating wings.  They are hitting the water, covered up in water and Will Not Flare Ducks Close In!!!  They also come in a variety of Colors.
     You don't fish every day with the same color bait.  Color is as important, or MORE important to a duck than a fish.  
So why duck hunt with the same color of paddling feet?  You need to change the color of Wonderduck's Paddle Feet to match changing hunting conditions.  Mallards have Orange feet and Orange is natural to a duck.  To reduce Wonderduck's Sight Motion try Black or Clear paddling feet.  You will get Water Motion & Decoy Motion, however Clear or Black Paddling Feet will reduce Wonderduck's Sight Motion.  For Maximum Sight Motion, try Mirror or Rainbow Shimmer paddling feet.  Mallards have a Large Blue or Purple patch on their wings and are excellent colors for duck hunting. You have Green Wing Teal (Green Feet), Blue Wing Teal (Blue Feet), Cinnamon Teal (Brown Feet), Red Head (Black), Canvasback (Black/White Feet), Blue Bill (Mirror Feet), Wood Duck (Purple Feet);  The Question is - do you want to hunt ducks or be a DUCK HUNTER?