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All Wonderduck’s run on either one or two D cell batteries. To locate battery holder, decoy head, and attachments you must first open the decoy. Under the decoy; find the green wire on the base of the black float. One side of the green wire is looped inside the decoy shell to act as a hinge. The other side will have the green wire poking through a hole in the shell.  When un-hinging green wire from flotation insert, DO NOT press your finger onto end of wire!  Gently press your thumb or finger INSIDE flotation insert on to green wire.  Push the wire completely through the hole and open the decoy likes a book.

Wonderduck's Black Foot Attachments fasten on to the FLAT side of the motor shaft with a Phillip head screw.  Before tightening screw, to prevent loss of attachment, be sure to slide black foot attachment as far as possible onto the motor shaft.  Also, to help prevent damage to motor shaft, to offset downward force of screw driver, place finger under attachment.  Then tighten the screw on to the FLAT side of the motor shaft.  

Attachments:  Wonderduck Water Motion Decoys come with - 2 black wing/foot attachments (with 4 adjustment holes) - 4 weedless paddling feet (in color) - 2 nylon screws - 2 nylon screw nuts - 4 nylon slip washers & 2 optional rotating wings.

Wonderduck’s Paddling Feet are WEEDLESS and come in a variety of COLORS.  They are 1” wide & 3” inches long and create the illusion of small rotating wings. Wonderduck's feet are designed to add a flash of color, similar to a ducks wing patch and are available in 11 different colors; giving you Water Motion, Decoy Motion and Sight Motion in COLOR all at the same time. The flash of color looks completely natural to a duck & may be the difference on getting them to your spread. Unlike rotating wings - our Weedless / Paddling Feet WILL NOT FLARE DUCKS CLOSE IN!!! 

Wonderduck's Black Wing & Foot Attachments are Adjustable:  They have 4 foot holes, that allow your to adjust your decoy's feet inward & outward.  After instalation, Wonderduck's Paddling Feet should be, without hitting the flotation insert, as close to straight up & down as possible.  This can be achieved by moving the the nylon set screw, inward or outward on 4 holes of foot attachment.  To reduce vibration, it is best to use the hole closest to decoy body, without hitting flotation insert.

Wonderduck's swimming motion can be manipulated by positioning the decoy’s head to the left, right, or straight ahead.

To purchase extra attachments for your Wonderduck Decoy or for Repairs -- please call 1-800-876-1697.

Additional attachments sold separately:

Additional information 
All Wonderduck Decoys come with a Limited & and Repair Guarantee!  Even if you SHOOT IT, Maximum repairs for 2019 are only $35.00 + S&H;  Repair Guarantee covers:   Motor, Switch, Wiring, Wire Ties, Battery Box and Labor.  This does not include Timer:  Any additional attachments will be charged. 

*DO NOT RETURN DECOY TO DEALER FOR REPAIRS!** For repairs please call Wonderduck Decoys at     1-800-876-1697 or ship repair decoy to (along with your name, return shipping address & telephone #):

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